My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

When Something Stupid Throws You for a Loop

Puffer vs. Diskus.

Or, as i say it in my brain: Puffer: vs. Stupid Thing.

You see, I was thrown for a loop at the pharmacy (as always, eh?) when i picked up my meds and discovered that my Advair was no longer a puffer but a diskus. And not only was i supposed to take 1 puff instead of 2, i didn't have to shake it either. And scariest of all, my aeroChamber (didlo-like contraption that goes on end of puffer to deliver meds more directly to lungs), has been decomissioned for this fucking little bastard.

I do not like you Diskus. I never will. We cannot be friends. Please leave.

So needless to say, i threw a semi-shit fit since i was given this alien device. I've been on puffers for 23 years, why the change to this bubble tape-like looking creature? To make matters worse, i had to ask my sister - sister! - who's only an occasional asthmatic, how to use it.

And it's confused me:(

I want to kill it.

I want it to die and never set foot in my meds drawer again. I shall leave it out to rot and die and somehow, i will get my puffer back. This is too much for my simple brain to handle. After 23 years?? New lungs, yes; puffer to diskus? NO.


I'm not quite sure why i'm so anti-diskus. It seems like everybody's doing it apparently, why not me? Well no, i'd take a little more kindly to it had i been informed and shown how to use it properly instead of having it secretly shoved in a bag to be discovered upon my arrival back home.


In other news, Megs is still the same last i heard! Pray she is able to get weaned off the vent and woken up fully! She has some fluid around her lungs (which is normal) so pray that that goes away too!!!!

So that is all. I am thanking the weather for being most charitable, as it has provided ample opportunity for various assortments of men to go shirtless throughout the city, and has ultimately provided me with much to gawk at and oggle over. I thank you.


Kellee said...

M just switched from disk to puffer and he loves loves it!! Actually he didnt even really do the disk bc he hated it so much lol!!

Good luck with the newbie!

Alice said...

Reminds me of all the fits I used to have (mostly inside)... Like when my Dr introduced me to mentioned dildo-like device, I hated it. Thought it lookes stupid, and worst of all took up too much space when packing. So I abandoned it. Or having to srat insulin, but that's a whole different story. We have to adapt I guess!

Amy said...

Awe I loved my diskus! But I never really got the hang of puffers LOL. Now I'm back on a puffer and it's ok. Whatever works I say!

Give it time maybe you will learn to love it haha

Megan said...

I have a diskus thing. I don't use it as its completely unaffective on me, and the stuff inside is all powdery and gross and just sits in your mouth feeling disgusting.


Xx P.s. Go Meghann!!

Tara said...

I'm really surprised they switched you. The Advair HFA (puffer) is a newer delivery system than the Advair diskus. I had the diskus for years and couldn't stand that powdery taste. Finally the Advair HFA came out and I've been on it every since.

I'm wondering if all along you had a traditional puffer, the kind with CFC's and Canada doesn't offer the CFC free HFA puffer? Things to research...