My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Hot Day and an Update

As far as I know, Megs is doing well! She went into surgery at 11:15 am on Sunday (June 21st)and came out after 6-7 hours - which would've been around 5 or 6pm. Surgery went well! They are starting to wean her off the vent and she can write a little bit but is still pretty drugged. Last I read, they were hoping to have her off the vent today! WAY TO GO MEGS! I CAN'T BELEIVE YOU DID IT! YOU ACTUALLY FRIGGING DID IT! YOU GOT YOUR TRANSPLANT! AHHHH!!!!!

So now I feel like i have no one to talk to on MSN who's on as much as I am, who's waiting for transplant:( I am starting to feel alone again in the transplant game. I really do feel like I will never get done now:( that I will just be waiting forever. *sigh*

But i'm not going to put a damper on things. It's gorgeous outside today - 31*C. It's humid so i'm tethered and in the house. It's ok. It was the same yesterday and i felt terrible so it's best that i'm inside! I had clinic yesterday and it was ok. Apparently, the Aspergillus is back and didn't go away at all. From my understanding you can't ever get rid of it, you merely treat the symptoms when they flare up, but those 6 weeks, thrice daily intakes of Itraconozole (Sporonox), and getting hospitalized and put on IV Cetafez and pred, did nothing to help it AT ALL. My CT showed no improvement from March to the one at the end of May (when i had my last clinic). As i result i had to drop of a present of lung goo off at the specimens lab after clinic yesterday and i was sent on my merry way home with dad, where i melted for 4 hours in a traffic jam. It was ok tho: i had my SPF 30 so i didn't sustain a sunburn in the car and dad and i chilled out to Oldies.

So that's about it, my friends. Pray for Megs; pray for me that I get my tx soon and can recover with Megs. Pray for the world and it's fossilized dinosaurs if you must.

Have a great day and enjoy the weather. IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER WEEEEEEEE! :)


Free Blog Makeovers said...

Praying for you both :)

Amy said...

YOU ARE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Granted you are now officially my only friend on the tx list soooo..... LOL

Praying every day for everyone!

Jess said...

I've got everything crossable on my body crossed that your transplant comes soon.

(that probably makes no sense, but oh well).