My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Side Effects

Contrary to popular beleifs, I am not impervious to suffering side effects from the copious amounts of meds i take.

Lesson #1 of the day: Vfend makes you violently ill.

The first indication that something wasn't right happened when i happily skipped out of the Ministry of Transportation office, after getting my liscence pic renewed. Why so happy? Well, you're not allowed to smile, and you can't show teeth either, but i managed to get away with a smirk!

So i skipped out of the office when i noticed that looking at brightness hurt. It hurt the way it does when you go to the eye docs and they dialate your pupils for 4 hours and you have to wear sunglasses. I thought it was just b/c it was really sunny. Silly me.

So i speed home, skip into the house, and the same dealio is going on. Only now, it's like in the winter when you've been glaring at snow, when you go into artificial light, things look funny. And it didn't go away. It was around this time that my stomach started feeling off...I had taken the med at 10:45, since you need to wait an hour before eating - and it was only 45 minutes after the fact. Within 20 minutes i couldn't look at shiney brightness; and within 45 i started vomitting all over the place.

Ok, so i exaggerate. I wasn't vomitting 'all over the place' but i threw up legitimately twice. And what sucks is that i have to be on this for 6 weeks. Since my stomach emptied itself of that poison Vfend (for our favourite star, aspergillus - am i spelling that right finally?), I was able to keep down the rest of my covetted sandwich and even some nuts.



Megs is doing well! Still on the vent but she's doing well. She's using her phone apparently so that's good! If the woman can text that she's gotta be good. Hoping the vent is taken off and the tubes come out and she can put those new lungs to work and make me jealous!

I'm still not liking the diskus but w/e. What can you do. Lungs are feeling shitty but i'm chalking it up to the aspergillus trying to kill them and hopefully - if i can keep this Vfend down - it will work? B/c clearly 6 weeks of itraconozole/Sporonox, IV meds, and pred, did nothing. Can they give you Vfend through IV if you can't stop from perpetual vomitting? Hmm...I wonder. Yesterday i had my monthly IV. I think i made a record: 5 attempts at finding a vein. They could get the needle in but it wouldn't even flush. My veins suck. When oh when will I get a picc or something?

What else? Um...oh yes, I had a breakdown and bawled my eyes out on the toilet the other night. No, i wasn't going, but i had just stepped out of the shower. Showers always make me think - it's where i come up with most of my ideas for what to blog about if we're to be honest. So yes, i came out of the shower, and the feeling like i'd be on the list forever consumed me, and i crumbled like a pile of bricks and bawled and huffed and puffed in a wet towel until i had no more energy.

And I think that's it. Hope the Vfend fairs better with me tonight! I have a horror movie to watch!!


Amy said...

Awe Bree...if you are still barfing by Monday I would call the drs. I don't know what else they can give you but barfing for 6 weeks can't be good for the body.

Lots of love girl!!!

Jess said...

Ugh. What a horrible side effect. I hope it does not last long!