My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, May 11, 2009

The plan that never worked

Needless to say my plan to stay up till 4am the other night reading was staunchly squashed when i realized just how difficult it was to read 311 pages in one night.

I got 40 pages read when i realized i couldn't do it. I had to give up. It was painful, and I really wanted to get to page 600, but alas I put the book down -feeling like i had failed - on page 579.

So lastnight, in a spurt of literary euphoria, i got passed not only page 600, but I zoomed right up to page 642 which also happened to be the third and final part of the book. There are now only 192 pages left for me to read. I am excited and incredibly sad, b/c I love this book but i want to move on, it is time...

Remember me with Outlander last summer people? That was beyond saddness.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure the next book in line is Brief Gaudy Hour.

Anywho, I am here. Not really feeling a lot better since getting out of Incarceration Nation but what can you do? I'm officially done prednisone and looking and feeling normal. One thing I did notice this time while being on pred, is that I did not have an appetite increase at all, but I noticed that I ate a lot better and didn't crave things like chips, and pop, and chocolate, and all that. I think b/c when I did have pop or something, it made me so bloated and uncomfortable that all i did was sit like an irritable whale on the couch huffing like a grampus.

So i guess that's good to know. Maybe if i can't have pop post-tx it won't be a bad thing, b/c lately, i havent even felt like having it so...

What else? Today will be my first day back at rehab in weeks. I think i've been gone for about 2-3 weeks since I started feeling so shitty. No one's said anything to me but i know it will be good for me to get back and get a bit more re-conditioned, if that makes any sense.

I'm using O2 a lot more, and i'm noticing how much it helps. Saturday morning i got it in my head to double-and-a-half (yes) a banana chocolate chip muffin recipe, but to convert it into a loaf. Yes. And that's what i did. I made a massive banana loaf for my mum for mothers day, which in the end collapsed in the middle and never really set, which makes me feel awful and embarassed. It doesn't taste bad but still, usually this doesn't happen to me. I'm kind of offended by my culinary disaster. With the rest i made banana chocolate chip muffins, which of course, taste fine. *Sigh* Oh well.

So that's about it. Nothing exciting is happen. I really hope i get my call soon people, so send a thought to the sky and a prayer to the heavens, please and thank-you!!!:)

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