My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Leg Weaky-ness and 11 months

Today I celebrate 11 months on the transplant list. And in celebration, I just spilt pop all over my white sweatpants.

It's not too bad honestly (both the stain and waiting 11 months). I mean sure waiting 11 months thus far for lungs to come in and give me my life back hasn't been the funnest thing i could think of, but at least i'm closer to transplant than i was 11 months ago, right?

While still under the Reign of Pneumonia, I'm not feeling much better. Granted, i've only been on antibiotics for 2 days so i doubt that i'd feel much different (considering i initially had no idea i was sick in the first place). As irony would have it, i finally got around to vaccuming my room and surprise surprise, it opened my aching chest up and i'm able to breathe a little better and clear it more effectively. I have been sitting here for hours huffing, completely neglecting to use a perfectly good acapella that sits beside me (albeit in a drawer). It's suprising what actually works when you're not intentially trying to help yourself.

So my room is finally clean. What started last weekend as a cleaning exposition quickly ended upon the arrival of tiredness, and it leaked itself into this past week. In that time my room found its way back into a state of messiness, with clothes on the floor and what have you. Today i finally re-put those clothes away, AND vaccumed (someone brought it up for me). I took my time vaccuming but i'm still exhausted. My legs feel horribly weak so i'm taking it easy. I also got the bright idea to wash my bedding (i figured it was time seeing as i got tangled in the sheets as they made their way out from under the mattress which helped keep them down. Not safe to be entagled in a web of bedding, esp. when you have breathing problems, let me tell you..) So yeah...all i have left to do is make my bed and my room will be clean! Go me!

Oh, and i still have to finish my godforsaken book. It's good but i don't feel compelled to read it. I hope i finish it today!

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Megan said...

Sod the acapella. I have one as well, but I reckon its completely useless and doesn't help at all.
Hope you get better soon Xx