My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, March 21, 2009


That was what was chanted in one of the performances at the Drag Show lastnight. Yesterday was fabulous: i got my room dusted, I found a check for $500 sitting under something, but soon discovered it was no longer valid(fuck), and upon redeeming my spirits b/c of my monetary fuck up, i got myself pretty and went off to the drag show with my favourite ladies in the world.

I was lucky in that yesterday i actually felt good, and i was happy that i was able to go out and enjoy myself in an outside social function that consisted of something other than just going to a friends house. We got home at 1am, and i up till 3am putting pictures on facebook. Today, I am exhausted, but i don't care b/c i actually got to live lastnight and enjoy myself. I cannot wait till that becomes an everyday kinda thing!!!!

Upon further excavation of my room, i discovered a $30 gift certificate hiding in the same drawer. And i took it upon myself to go online and check its balance. Figuring all i had was $2 left on it, i checked anyways, and was happy to discovery that i still had the full $30!!!!!!!! So needless to say I am going out to the mall tonight to spread joy with Jessica!! Lets hope for big sales, b/c big sales means more stuff to buy.

Oh consumer consumption, how I love thee.

And to make things better, upon the completion of my room clean-up, i added to my book shelf and i feel like a whole person again. Voila, c'est magnifique!

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