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Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Family Day?

Today is Family Day in Ontario. What that means, no one really knows, b/c some ppl have it off, and others don't.

For myself, I'm spending the day isolated in my room, with my dad downstairs, my mum tanning and picking up Timmies, and my sister at the gym. Maybe we will see eachother tomorrow.

So far today I have slept in, showered, weighed myself, discovered i've lost 5lbs, and made a huge pot of mac and cheese which i will soon regret in the imminent future. Most people are likely not spending it with their families, and in most cases they are most likely spending it away from them - like myself - and trying not to get on eachother's nerves by being annoying (which I can attest to).

My friend Robert deduced that the holdiay should thus be called "Lazy Fuck's Day" instead of "Family Day" in order to get the meaning across clearer. Parliament should be forgiven for confusing its citizens with such a title, since we all know we need that day off but the only way to make it sound legit is by claiming it as a 'family oriented holiday'. I'm not fooled; i don't think any member of the gov't is spending it with their fam. They're prob on their blackberry wondering how fast they can get away from them before they become driven insane.

Which is why i am holed up in my lair.

That's about it.

Happy Lazy Fuck's Day.


BreathinSteven said...

I like you Bree... You make me smile... I hope your opportunity comes soon...

Love, Steve

Alice said...

Hahahaha, in SA "family day" is 13th of April. Maybe every government have an unnofficial "Lazy fuck's day"... which is fine by me!