My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bless You, Anasthetic

I found this upon my regular internet stalking excersion and thought it to be invaluable to us lucky people who must go under the knife in the imminent future.

Let us all hold hands and thank Whoever- It-Was who discovered anasthetic. The link as follows is The 18th Century Guide to Amputations, Operations, and Other Medical Tips.

Does this make me feel better about my unfortunate decision last year to watch Awake the day before being listed? No, b/c that is an experience that still haunts me to this day. Does it make me thankful that anasthetic was invented so that people like me who need surgery can do it (relatively)pain free? Yes. Does that quell my fear of being conscious with my eyes closed giving the illusion of sleep? NO.

(And before I go, if you would please scroll down to the previous entry entitled "You Know You're Canadian When..." and go to #44, I can proudly announce that that statement proves to be true today! At a balmy 5*C today, my sister and mother tried to force me outside and enjoy how 'warm' it is. I think i may go so far as to crack a window open tho. Seriously.)

So thank-you, Mr. Whoever-You-Are for your brilliant gift of anasthetic. You are responsible for millions of pain-free operations since your marvelous creation. Keep up the great work, Whoevever-You-Are.


Amy said...

LOL it was 40*F today and I opened my bedroom windows and relished the warmth :) But I hear there is a wicked storm coming our way Tuesday....2 feet maybe ;) God I hope so!!!!!!

Dragonfly said...

Yay for the gasmen. An anesthetist saved my mothers life when I was born. So I heart them.