My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Best Confessions Ever

And they're not from me.

Random confession #1:
"I have a whole bunch of pot cookies in the freezer that I'm not allowed to eat now because the druggist says NO. I wanted to have fun, but for obvious reasons couldnt smoke pot.

So I ate it.

It tasted like skunk."

Random confession number #2:
"It is an ugly baby.I went and saw it and it looks weird, not like my own. Its eyes are black and its head is long. It's a funny looking baby. Even its mouth is weird. You should look for it on Facebook"

I heart pot cookie and ugly baby confessions!

Anyways, I had to get up at 5:30AM (underscore, italicize, bold to showcase the hours' importance) to leave to meet Dave at 6am, so we could depart for the big TO at 6:30 am, so i could make my echo appt at 9am, and subsequently make and complete my physio appt. at 10:30am. And wonders of all wonders, even though I took 2 Meletonin's at 9pm lastnight, and i went to bed at 9;30, i did not sleep a wink and I saw every waking hour and every waking minute, right up until 5:14am when i decided i may as well get out of bed and be miserable with my cat.

I don't know why I couldn't sleep. I tossed, i turned, i got tangled in O2 tubing, i slept on my favourite side, and my arm fell asleep, then my legs got uncomfortable and i couldn't stop thinking, and i had a song in my head and the same part played over and over, and then i got thinking about Jenn (Findingher....follower of this blog and dear friend, who is NOT doing well AT ALL and it breaks my heart beyound all comprehension). It was a horrible night, and a long day, and I'm wondering why at 10:24pm i am still awake. It's no wonder that I sound like Barry White at the moment. But it is a wonder as to why my body is as sore as it is...i feel like I fell down a hill and bounced off a rock.

I started Cipro today. All the way to TGH i resisted the urge to beg Dave to pull over so i could puke. Sometimes I wonder what is worse: the sudden urge to puke on the 401 and Gardiner Expressway, or being hit with the shits on the 401 and Gardiner Expressway. I'm pretty sure i would puke in a heart beat over trying public defication. That's just me.

So yeah, I called TGH monday complaining that i wasn't feel well - at all. Monday I was more productive, and I was so out of breath that putting my shoes on sitting down I honestly thought my heart would explode b/c i couldn't catch my breath, so onto Cipro I went. The giant horse-pills them. So far I don't feel better, but my waist-line does.

That's about it. It seems like everyone is sick, whether it be with the flu, pneumonia, or just plain sickness, everyone's got it, and if you don't it will catch up with you so just stop running.

If there's one thing I can say before signing off on today's blog, is that please send prayers, or vibes, or w/e you have, to Jenn Walsh in Massachusettes.

Jenn, you are a fighter, and you have sat and bitched with me over countless hours about the pain of trying to get listed, and being listed, and testing, and sleep issues, and the overall crappiness that comes with lung disease (she has CF). You are my fellow Virgo and a total rockstar, and I treasure the friendship that we have. And i hope that our friendship will continue and that you get a new liver and some new lungs. God knows you are a kind soul and that my heart breaks knowing that you are suffering in the hosptial. I AM PRAYING FOR YOU. Never forget that. We are ALL praying for you.

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Amy said...

Praying like I have never prayed before!