My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


*cracks open eye*


*rolls over and falls onto floor out of bed*

I feel like crap today. Complete and utter crap. I feel like my legs weigh a ton - like i have been at the beach all day in the water or something.They feel heavy like they are full of wet sand or something. Same goes for my arms.

I feel like a heavy, sandy, wet mess. And i'm full of thick, sticky, horrible bright green crap in my lungs today. If i cough and breathe in it makes this horrible sucking sound, but i can't bring anything up b/c it is occupied with clogging my lungs and refuses to be cleared.


And i have to go to rehab but I don't feel like it. And it's snowing in huge fat flakes outside, but luckily my precious Red Rocket is protected in my garage away from it all.

I kind of wish it was Friday so i could just stay here and watch The View and read Vanity Fair and drink a pop. And I don't know what to eat for lunch...I just had a nutrigrain bar.

I'm not making any sense. But at least i'm wearing sweatpants.


Marjolein said...

Biggest hug to you!

Heavy tired arms and legs suck!

As for the green sticky junk, I hear you. I still think of that almost every day. How lucky I am that I don't that anymore.

Hope you can lay down soon, give your body some rest. I know nothing else but laying down helps from the heavy limbs, not even that really...


Amy said...

I DIED at red rocket...its a dog's penis!!!!!!!!!! OMG I am hacking all over myself!!!!!!

Sorry you feel shitty