My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm a big girl now...!

First things first:

I saw that scary, scary movie and I slept through the night! I definitely acted like a pig by ordering a massive popcorn and coke, and i definiately stuffed half my hand in my mouth to get the popcorn as close as possible to my throat entrance, just so i could stuff the absolute maximum amount of popcorn in my mouth from the front to begin with. Not attractive, but it was dark, and everyone was so captivated by the scariness that it didn't truely matter how much of a display i made of myself. So yay!

What else? I made chicken stock today. In total it took about 6 hours. I'm hovering over the kitchen as it cools to scare away my mum who is trying to seek control of my culinary operations. I do not trust anyone to mess with my cooking, even if all said person wants to do is pour it into tupperware. Can you beleive I actually fought with my mum over what size tupperware I was going to put the stock in? TUPPERWARE PEOPLE! TUPPERWARE I SAY!

She called me 'possessive' of my soup, and i told her that i have every right to be since i made it and trust it in the care of nobody but its creator - moi. She said i didn't just make it for me but for everyone. I don't remember inviting anyone else to eat it after it's creation so we'll see just how much of my small stock of generosity is actually maintained after tonights hurtful events.

Possessive! *shock*

Yesterday I made cake. Friendship cake it's called. And yes, I shared it. I more than shared it, i handed it out like frigging candy. Go team generosity, go.

What else? That's about it. I have nothing worth saying tonight. It's supposed to get really, really, really cold at the end of the week, so we'll see how things go.

I'm going to go before i bore people. We'll see how the Tupperware War goes downstairs. Maybe i'll resort to hiding my soup and eating it in absolute secrecy....

So mum poured my soup, and all is well and peaceful in the house. The Tupperware War is over, all feelings repaired.


Someone asked if i would share my stock recipe, so I will, b/c it's not mine, b/c i stole it from someone online. So here it is:

Read people's reviews if you want additional ideas, I find that they help a lot. Also, i lost a lot of liquid b/c i didn't have a lid on, and then i had it half on. COVER THE STOCK WHEN IT'S SIMMERING. And don't hesitate to add additional water with a bouillon cube or powder ( i did this when the bones were cooling on a plate). If you make it, let me know how yours turns out!:)


Dragonfly said...

Awesome! Care to share your chicken stock recipe?

Meghann "Queen of the O2 People" said...

Now not only are you a book whore but your a tupperware whore! :) Yay!!!! hehehe