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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random Googling

Admit it: you do it too.

You probably did it today, or did it last night, or may even be inspired to do it right after reading this post: the random google.

Usually I find myself randomly googling things late at night, usually Saturday, when i'm so tired but too stubborn to get to bed. And I don't randomly google things to obtain information per ce, I mostly randomly google images. Who doesn't like pictures right?

Currently I'm randomly googling pictures of Nova Scotia. Why? Why not? I've been there, and I frigging love it, and I want to go back. Up next: pictures of Newfoundland. Why? Because Jenna told me. Actually, I'm quite afraid of Newfoundland, b/c when I was a kid I had a dream that I fell off the side of Newfoundland and was dragged out to sea by a pod of humpback whales and was taken straight to the bottom. In the middle of the ocean. It's a touchy subject...

Which leads me to another frequent random image google of mine: whales. I love whales, and I'm completely terrified of them. Looking at images scares me even more, and reminds me why I stay the hell out of the water.

Another up and coming random image google will be the Halifax Explosion. Why? I don't know...when i was in NS we drove through where it happened and while you can't see any of the damage anymore (since it's been almost 100 years)it would still be cool to see some. And yes alright, morbid too. Also in this category of previous random image googles: Titanic. Timeless, and always exciting. Another random image google is this: 19th century. Very exciting.

And finally the last frequent random google, that I actually did again last Saturday: sharks. More preferably, big sharks, or shark attacks, or sharks in waves. I don't know why i've got such a preoccupation with shark images, i think again, like the whale thing, I'm terrified of them, and I like looking at pictures of the sea-beasts because of my morbid curiosity. BUT! It's a great time-passer while I sit here waiting for my transplant.

Enjoy your random google image search. I know you'll do it, and if you do, comment or post in the guest book what you searched. YAY!

Holy crap!

Or this random Titanic google!:

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