My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, January 19, 2009

Clinic Schmlinic

Yeah you guessed it: I went to clinic today.

But before clinic I had physio, and lets refresh our memory with regards to the various ways i managed to embarass myself, shall we?

Number 1: I get there and immediately see Don's wife, although I wasn't sure if it was Don's wife since I didn't see Don, so instead of saying 'hi' (b/c Don's wife and I made eye contact 3 times I beleive) i just looked away and acted like I didn't see her as only I can do.

Number 2: I'm slaving away on the horrible bike -dying- when Don comes up to me. He tells me he's here for his 6 months work up and I say that's great, that I can't beleive it's been 6 months. I selfishly pointed out that I was still waiting, and I noted louder than usual, "Yeah! I guess it's like being pregnant EXCEPT WITH NO BABY AT THE END" whereupon the room went silent and Don etched himself away from me and left the room.

Number 3: In the clinic appt I met the doc, who I didn't understand at all b/c she spoke so fast. When she introduced herself to me she said, "Hi I'm Dr. such and such; I don't think we've met" to which I stupidly shouted, "HI I'M GOOD THANKS HOW ARE YOU TODAY WE HAVENT MET BEFORE!"

I swear to god.

Number 4: As I'm leaving I tell the nurse practitioner that I spoke to the guy who was in the Toronto Star who had the lung perfusion done (b/c he was on the bike at the same time I was). I told her that at first I didn't recognize him, but then blurted out, "OH YEAH YOU'RE THE GUY FROM THE PAPER!" and i told the nurse jokingly, "I think I scared him. He probably wanted to run away from me! HA HA HA" to which she went silent as well.

But although I had a string of unfortunate vocal events today (voice immodulation me thinks) my dad's moment trumps them all. I was at the clinic counter waiting restlessly, huffing and puffing, when my dad informed me he was going to the bathroom. So as I looked down the hall I caught a glimpse of my dad....and I watched helplessly as he walked straight into the women's washroom. I waited. No dad. Waited some more, trying not to laugh, until about 30 seconds later my dad emerges, finally realizing that he had gone into the wrong bathroom. To make it better, he left the women's washroom just as a sea of people filtered by and witnessed his grand exit.

It was marvelous.

That's about it. I go back in 2 months. It wasn't that exciting. Hoping lungs come before then. And I'm on Tobi again. Joy to the world.

OH YEAH! I also got to listen to my lungs with a stethoscope, and am now on the hunt for one. I will either buy one or con a nurse/physio person to give me one. Whatever comes first...but i'm pretty sure the option will be hospital theft.


Amy said...

Well at least you know that it runs in the family :)

I need to learn to not read your blogs in the morning and save them for the evenings when I can laugh and not die completely :)


Don said...

I can only say... HAHAHAHAHA You cheered me up after a miserable two days with a cold...

Misery loves company ya know!