My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, December 22, 2008

Michael Jackson needs a lung transplant...

...Any givers?


It's one thing to try to keep it private; it's another thing to stroll around in your jammies in a wheelchair with a blanket on your head.

That's when it becomes a little more difficult to remain private and conspicious.



Alice said...

Oh my word Bree, I just heard it on the radio this morning driving to work! Haven't read your link yet, but WTF does he need a lung for?? I know I can't judge, but honestly, he doesn't deserve a lung. Can't see him living healthily afterwards and taking his meds etc. At least he's got the mask thing sorted, lol!

Amy said...

Um yeah I think it is a crock of shit since the last line states
"The news of Michael's illness comes just days after a woman called Billie Jean Jackson, who claims to be the singer's wife and the mother of his youngest son Prince Michael II, announced she is suing him for £700,000 and joint custody of the six-year-old child."

Yep thats my thought. Can't sue a guy who is dying and needs lungs. And if he does need lungs he best NOT get to the top cause he has money. Though I think I heard rumors his sorry ass was broke? Hmmm oh well!!!!