My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Merry Christmas from the dentist

I got a call this morning from the dentist informing me that I was due for an appt, and that they just so happened to have an opening today at 1:10 pm. Perfect. I had a Christmas party to attend that I really didn't want to go to, and this was the best excuse ever - b/c it's not an excuse it's real. WEEEEEEE!

I get to the dentist office and I wait. I overhear the secretary telling a patient who she was on the phone with that the next available appt wasn't until Jan 23 of '09. I lucked in! (or is it out? this always confuses me). So i get back there and it's all talk, and the one dentist who's not a dentist (the ones who clean your teeth) tells me she's sad to see that I still have my pager. I tell her hopefully soon i won't need it anymore, and that the next time they see me I'll be breathing with new lungs!

So i got my dental x-rays, then cleaning, then saw the dentist who went over everything with me. EVERYTHING LOOKS GREAT! WEEEEEEE! He says that my teeth look great, that I do have a wisdom tooth just below the gum but that it won't likely break through if it hasn't already come in. I said i can feel it if i touch it, but just assumed that it was an extension of my molar. I also stressed that i'm glad that it's a tooth and not a twin that never formed. How horrible would that be?

They let me go at this morbid thought, gave me the papers to mail to insurance (and i was thrilled to see that i'm no longer listed at male and named Brian!) and I merely skipped/coughed my way to my parking spot as fast as I could muster, mailed a card to Grant, and came home to brag to everyone who would listen to me about how amazing my appt was and how special I am.

And i scored a sweet toothbrush too, which is great b/c the other night I was thinking that I needed a new one, and was wondering when I'd go to the dentist so I could get a free one. Now i've got one! YAY!

Sunday night was the 2nd annual Booze and Bake 2008 with my friends! A tradition that started last year, where all us girlies get together to bake and drink and exchange gifts. I truely have the bestest friends in the world. I had such a blast and I love these girls so much that I wouldn't be able to function without them. I gave everyone cups with chocolates in them and pics of us, and I got a wicked amazing scarf from Chantel. A scarf she knit and I fucking love it. I love it so much i wear it everywhere, and I tell everyone how much I love it and that it was made for me and that they possibly can't have anything better than this b/c it's mine! Then I got 2 amazing books - one on the histories worst diseases from Katey (the one i blogged about! then deleted coz i thought it was stupid) and a book on Marie Antoinette from Krystal, and a beautiful picture and frame from Jenna!

I love you ladies dearly! You are my world!

So all things considering, I am a pretty blessed person to have such amazing people in my life, and the extra vote of confidence coming from the dental aspect of my life is greatly appreciated as well. Overall, today has been great!

Next step: convincing my dad to get some firewood so we can use the fire place! Hope everyone's had a great day!:)

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