My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Just a little visit

I woke up today feeling like I had been crushed by a boulder. Sometime in the middle of the night, I must have been visited by the Pleurisy Fairy, for when i awoke this morning my entire upper left side felt as if i had been violently manhandled. To be honest, it's my shoulder/collarbone/a little downward and inward area. You know that area? Yes, I'm sure you do. Right there if we're to be exact.

Now, I don't know if it's all-out non-infectious pleurisy like the last time, or if it's merely the fact that i'm pretty sure i slept on my left side completely awkwardly all night. My spidey senses tell me that it most likely is pleurisy, as I can pretty much feel it drifting through and seeping into my other lung as we type. It's not the same form of pain as the last time - when i felt like i had been shot, specifically by a muskett. No, this time i feel like i have been violently punched in or on the collar bone, and it hurts to move and exhale to my max (which isn't much, let me tell you. So needless to say, since i woke up at 10 am this morning, I have taken 2 extra strength tylenol, both of which have done dick all.

At my doc appt Thurs i got a prescrip for Tylenol 2, which I immediately failed to go and get filled. So when i woke up today feeling like i had been manhandled by a giant, i figured it was time to take it in and get it filled. So i went...and the pharmacy was closed.


Oh well.

I also woke up today feeling like i had been stuffed with cotton and/or wool, whichever makes one feel worse. I wouldn't know since i've never had the pleasure of consuming cotton or wool, but i can only imagine what it would feel like stuffed inside your airways. I have been compliant: i took allllll my meds and i still feel bad. There was nothing to do about it so i came to the conclusion that in the end, i could go out and spend money that i probably shouldn't be spending, and i knew later on i would regret it.

Lets just say, 4 seasons of Sex and the City and the first complete season of The Tudors later, the guilt is at the door but i'm hesitant to let it in. I'm vowing to stay away from the mall and never set foot inside again for fear that i cannot control myself. I have no will power. I am a monetary weakling and I cannot be held responsible. Afterall, I cannot breathe.

Um, what else? That's about it. Hope you're all well and HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY ALICE!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Weird, I just watched the first episode of The Tudors tonight. I told Andy, it's obviously a Showtime show when you see two sets of boobs within in the first what, ten minutes? Along with one dead guy?

Stop it with the pleurisy, woman! You should only feel man handled when you have indeed been man handled!

Alice said...

THANX Bree!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the Tudors... also watched the 1st season while waiting!!! Oh, and by the way, glad you can SWALLOW!!!!!! Hope the pain goes away...