My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, June 9, 2008

Gastric Emptying Test

Since being forced into mandatory starvation as of midnight last night, I have returned from Toronto and have eaten. Actually, 'eaten' is a rather weak word b/c it was more like i gorged when i got home. I stopped by No Frills and picked up a frozen lunch: Stouffer's Macaroni and Cheese. If you love mac and cheese, track this down, find it, nuke it, and eat it, and love it, b/c i can guaruntee any fan of mac and cheese will love this. It's creamy and tastey and and just plain goodness all around. Accompanied with a pop, it's pretty much gourmet.

I admit though as I waited in line to pay for it, i started thinking about the 490 calorie content of this lunch...esp. since the person being rung through in front of me was buying things like pineapple, strawberries, various veggies...all non fattening and then there was me....a blob. Oh well.

So this test, you wonder....that i did...what did it consist of? Well the guy was a little creepy and called me Bree out of no where...which lead me to suspect that he has read this blog perhaps b/c i am not listed as Bree in the hosp system. Instead of eating an egg, i drank apple juice with iodine and i admit you couldn't even tell it was there. I said it would have been more effective to down this as if it were shots but i guess that's just not appropriate to be saying. I asked why some ppl eat eggs and why others have liquid, and he said it depended on if u were ordered a solid or liquid test. I got a liquid test...even though the sheet i got said it was a solid. Oh well.

So i drank the apple iodine juice and was instructed to lay perfectly still. In one spot. For an hour. No moving. Nothing. Not to itch; not to scratch. Not to cough, not to nothing. Still.

Like a rock.

I was asked if i had to go to the bathroom. I said no which was a partial lie. I was put on wall O2 and I was told that if i wanted to, i could sleep during the test so i drifted in an out of sleep.

When i woke up my hair was all spastic like, and it's not as if i could have moved to fix it b/c i wasn't allowed. I wasn't allowed to move b/c for that hour there is this giant thing over me (presumably a giant camera disguised as a giant magnet?) that takes pics of my stomach every couple of seconds and traces the iodine to see how i digest. Clever, yes?

So once the test was complete I was free to go. So i left and got a donut, and went to rehab. It's another scortcher out so i couldn't really walk to the bus stop from the hosp, so i got a cab to take me. He prob thinks i'm lazy but the oxygen should have told him that i have issues with breathing I would hope. It's 35 and feels like 41*C so needless to say when i finally got back home and to my car, it felt like there was a fire set somewhere inside of it. The steering wheel burned, my seat was hot, my seatbelt even hotter, and i couldn't get the windows down fast enough. It was great. I love this weather.

The sky is magnificant today...the clouds are ginormous and we have warnings galore out. That reminds me i need to move my mum's hanging plant b/c when it storms it's supposed to be windy (70-140 km/h winds apparently...insane!) and i'm sure she'll be a little pissed if they blow away.

That's about it really. I heard that at TO on Friday, someone in the rehab room got their call. I wonder who it is. I hope it was Amy who got it....she's been waiting since March for her second tx. She's a nice girl. I hope i get my call soon too.

Anyways, I'm off to scratch my 20 or so mosquito bites. I don't know why i have so many but each day I find a new one in a new spot that i thought a mosquito possibly couldn't find. Krystal asked me why i had so many, and my only guess is that they like the taste of sickly people.

Anyways, have a good one!


Matt Todd said...

You and your silly Celsius and kilometers.

Alice said...

How did you manage to lie still on your back without coughing for so long???? Shut-up Matt, it's just you americans who are weird!

Matt Todd said...

Nahh, its the crazy Canadians and silly South Africans that are the weird one.

Dragonfly said...

Enjoy the donut. Celsius and kilometers are the world standard...only America choses to do it differently.

Matt Todd said...

And that of course makes us far superior to everyone else.