My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Today marked the 4th time that I've dropped my pager since getting full custody of it in mid April. The first time I dropped it was the first day I had it: i dropped it delivery an RSVP to my friends wedding in her driveway and almost backed up over it with the Red Rocket.

The second time i dropped it in the parking lot of a flower shop on Mother's Day. I dropped it on my toe and still have a mark from it.

Today I dropped it when i was squatting in an aisle in Shoppers when i was scoping out their tea selection.

Then, when I got to the parking lot, it fell from my hand again and bounced under my car.

So it seems that my pager would rather live on the floor of a parking lot then suspended in my hand or strapped to myself.

Surprisingly, it hasn't smashed open yet, despite my carelessness with it. Barry, a man who's listed at my center, dropped his once over the weekend and it broke in two and stopped working. It's got tape all over it holding it together.

You can't tell mine's been dropped 4 times. I could drop it from space and i bet it would land softly on a pile of sheeps wool. I guess I'm lucky.

Today was gorgeous and i had all the windows opened. I had a great night watching So You Think You Can Dance with the fam jam and that was good too. I wanted to make chocolate chip cookies but some FUCK either ate all the chocolate chips or lost them so I couldn't fullfil my duty as the Baking Witch.

Maybe tomorrow.

I vaccumed today. It took me eons and i took many breaks but i did it. I only ever vaccume the main floor and havent done it in ages, but i just get tired of feeling so fucking useless. Doing laundry, and dishes, and running the dishwasher can only make you feel so good about yourself on a regular basis. Yeah i get tired and SOB doing this shit but i just hate feeling like everyone in my house does something and i do nothing b/c i'm useless. You know?

And about the gastic test the other day where i had to lie perfectly still: i was propped up, not flat on my back. Lord knows if i was flat i would've coughed and choked and died on my own phelgm. And that would be incredibly crappy and not cool/

I'm done TOBI now....tho I missed a couple of times (not in a row) b/c i wasn't here (like being at a WEDDING) so i may do those. I've been done Tobi roughly 1-2 days and i'm getting phelgmy/sick/whatever the hell it was i had before again. So we'll see. I'm done Cipro tomorrow so after that it will be a waiting game.

As it is.

That's about it for now....I think.

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Matt Todd said...

Perhaps you should consider wiping the butter off your pager, might help make it less slippery. I know what you mean about vacuuming. I vacuumed the bedroom last weekend and had to sit down for about 5 minutes afterwards to get to where i could breath comfortably and that was even with turning my oxygen up to 4 lpm before hand.