My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hot intern alert

Holy fuck people; I don't know if this is allowed but I have a hot intern...he's like a brown Josh Groban and completely sexy and completely young and he definately touched my wrist the other day. He was searching for my pulse but he couldn't find it (probably b/c he killed me inside) and he had to show me the ropes at rehab and follow me around and watch as i do my exercises. I'd feel sexier if i didn't have oxygen strapped to my face every fucking second - but crap, damn, he's hot! *falls over*

I really look forward to these rehab excursions so i can see him, and i won't lie i think he enjoys me. He does laugh at what i say, like today when I was on the bike (which is not crotch friendly btw) and he said that the bike shouldn't have tension for my b/c on Monday it did and there were about 7 minutes when i was huffing and puffing and my sats were in the mid 80's and my heart rate was up to 150. He said, "We don't want what happened Monday to happen again.." and i said, "Like when I almost died?" and he looked at me and laughed and it was completely gorgeous and i could have spanked him - but that's sexual harassment so i have to refrain and keep my hands to myself.

My friend told me to "do it!" and followed it by saying, "just so you know that was peer pressure" but I choose to view it as support. Spanking isn't right so I will have to wait and come up with a more less obvious way to get his attention and lure it away from my nasty oxygen strapped to my goddamn face dealio.

Oh interns......mmmmmmmmmm *smile*

Needless to say having a hottie biscottie at rehab definately motivates me go and do my best and look hot. And when i work out too hard I know who's arms I can faint in..................:)

What else? I went to a support group. It was good. It took 3 hours to get home tonight b/c some fucking tractor trailer thing just had to roll over on the highway and back traffic up all the way to hell. That was a pain in the ass - literally. Luckily I ate a sub before i got to the bus depot so my belly was stocked up on food to sustain me on the long ride home. Actually, I think i fell asleep at some point and started making weird noises with my mouth wide open, b/c when i woke up the woman sitting beside me was gawking at me with an incredibly offended look on her face.

I don't think I was having a sex dream or anything like that so lord knows what made her so shocked. Oh well.

What else have I been doing? Nothing really. That's about all. I've made some friends at TGH which is awesome possum. Since i posted the link to the Trillium Gift of Life Network site 3 people have been transplanted, so now 51 people are waiting for lungs.


Ok i'm off to dream of McIntern.....mmmmmm

Day 8 of being listed!


Matt Todd said...

Ohhh, someone has a crush!!

Alice said...

You really crack me up Bree!!! I've told you about my HOT surgeon, but he's like double my age and can't write about him on my blog cause he knows I have one and what if he reads it?!?! The best part was he had to take out my clips, under my boobs... heaven. It's true when they say pain is close to pleasure or something like that. Amyway, I'm starting to sound porno, so I'll go now. But so glad you've got some (young) eye candy!!!

Alice said...

I'm waiting for the next hot intern reportback...