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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What day is it?

What day is it?

Is it Wednesday? I guess it is. I've lost track of time being trapped in the house. I guess i go back for my first assessment at rehab tomorrow. It's an all-day debacle. Woo hoo. It means i have to make my lunc which i'm not thrilled about. Whatever.

Assessment, assessment, assessment. That seems like all i do is get fucking assessments. I mean i can't complain, I'm sure last year i was itching to have them to get them over with, but i feel like i'm always being assessed for the same thing. Oh well. Shut up, I know. I can't remember off the top of my head what assessments I have tomorrow but i think it goes something like this: recreational therapy assessment, occupational therapy assessment, and meeting with a social worker. Who knows though, I could be completely wrong.

Ermmmmmm........well yesterday was terrible. I felt like my regular shit self. It was an outright windstorm. Winds were up to at least 70km/h. As i was walking to the bus stop from my last class, it was blowing so hard I literally thought I was going to suffocate. I felt much like a fish out of water as air zipped by but i wasn't able to inhale it. Not only was i feeling like i was suffocating, the wind was actually pushing me. It was terrible. I've never been so out of breath and had no oxygen to get a hold of, and i've never been pushed by wind to the point that i couldn't stop moving. I wonder if i went into Superwoman mode b/c looking back, I don't know how i made it to the bus stop.

There was some excitment last night. I was up here, when i heard this bizarre giggling sound from my sister coming from the main floor. It gradually got closer to my door. My cat flew up the stairs (my precious Zoey, who i'm beginning to realize needs to go on a hard-core diet) and hid under the ugly fake wicker chairs we have. Zoey's tail was all fat and my dad flew up the stairs after her.

I turned to see my sister half laughing, half freaking out.
I got up and sure enough Zoey had a baby squeaking mouse in her mouth, and she was hitting it with her paw.
"She caught it in the basement, and came up and flew upstairs."

Zoey got up and looked like she was debating whose room to go into: mine, or my sister's. I flew up to shut my door when my dad yelled, "GRAB HER!" He got Zoey and took her to the front door.

I heard a thump. She had dropped the little mouse on it's back. We all stared at it. It's back leg spazzed. My dad opened the front door and my sister grabbed Zoey. He picked the mouse up by the tail and flung it into the garden. It roated - like a ninja - in the air 2 or 3 times. I felt bad for the poor thing. She didn't kill it but now it was outside and it was gonna freeze.

Everything calmed down and 10 minutes later I was back up in my room. I heard rustling again. Then i heard a forlorn "meooooooooooooow". It was the sound of utter saddness. I got up and peered down the staircase, only to find Zoey sitting and staring at the spot where her coveting mouse had dropped.

"Are you sad?" I asked.
"Meowww" she replied (i'm serious - she'll meow if i talk to her).
"Come sit with mummy" and she came upstairs. I was hesitant to let her back into my room though, b/c i didn't want her rodent infested mouth to get all over everything, but she stayed for a while until she returned to her prey's spot.

It was really gross. I hope this is the last of the mice!

That's it for now. i realize this entry sounds more like a short story than a blog. but it's all 100% real.

I'll write tomorrow after my 'assessments'. I must say though, before i go, that I am feeling more confident about getting listed, so i'm happy that i'm not confused about where i stand anymore.

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