My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3 months post today

3 months ago right this minute i was freaking the hell out, b/c Alice had informed me that she had gotten her call for lungs - she was all the way across the world in South Africa (and 7-8 hours ahead) and I remember it was mere minutes before when we had been talking about what life would be like post-tx. If i remember correctly, I actually wrote an entry about stupid questions people ask Alice and I regarding the prospect of transplant, and if I was smart enough to figure it out, i'd post a fancy link thing to direct you to that post to refresh your memory.

But alas I am not that technologically advanced inside of my brain, so instead i have a link to Alice's blog on the side of this blog and I shall direct you: -->

Pretty easy, eh?


Ummmmmm i woke up with tremendous pain in my chest, the same place that pain was yesterday except it's magnified by 10 and when i do certain things it kills. I havent really coughed to see what will happen if i do (like if i bleed) so we'll see. Regardless, I will tell them at physio. I don't think it was the pool exercises that have done, otherwise i would be hurting other places. I've had pain in this spot before, last year specifically, and I'm wondering if it's a plug or something else. Either way it's not fun; it's pretty frikken scary.

That's it.

I have to eat.


It's Her said...

Pleurisy? Pleural infection perhaps? They kill a TONNE!!!

Alice said...

awwww thanks Bree! Still remember that night like yesterday!!!! Chatting on msn before I flew to Joburg, haha, seems such a relaxed thing to do in such a hectic time!! Anyway, these have been my most exciting 3mnths EVER. You have SO much to look forward to!! Hope the pain goes away!!