My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

1/4 DONE

This is the part where we sit in the library and hope we didn't fuck ourselves.

I am roughly 40 minutes fresh out of my qualitative methods exam. While I don't think I failed, it certainly wasn't anything specacular from my end of the deal. I mean i knew stuff, know what i mean.

Currently, I'm talking to Krystal, who is still up in Iceland on exchange for the semester. I told her what a glorious day it is - sun shining, sandle wearing, clothing optional kind of day. It's 18*C (which isn't hot or anything) and when I made this marvelous announcement to her, she told me not to tell her that. So instead I said that I wore a snow suit.

I hope she doesn't catch on.

I'm writing from my university's library. The keyboards are crap. They're the kind that have been used to many times that the keys are heavy and stick when u press down on them. They feel sticky and gritty with illness, and Alice told me to cough on them to which i obliged, noting that i gave it 'an added touch'. Just writing a sentence i can feel the onset of carpal tunnel. My poor upper extremedies.

Yesterday made for an exciting discovery: HOWARD! Floating at the top of our pond, thawing out! I got pictures of him - all green and stuff - bobbing around. I'm pretty sure he's alive b/c every time i'd go to gawk at him he had moved somewhere else. Nonetheless, i went paparrazi on him and snapped some pics which i will post once i'm home.

In other good news: GINA/PEPE is listd and Grantula is having his surgery today. I wish them both tons of luck!

Not feeling too horrible day. I feel like crap and it's kinda humid so i feel like there's no air but w/e. I forgot to mention that when i got my Gamma the other day it only took one poke - with no bruising! I joked with the nurses before hand that if i was lucky i'd get two, but alas my veins prevailed.

Anyways, that's all for now. My fingers are getting numb from working. I need to go burn them in acid somewhere to scrape the germs off of them.


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Alice said...

Thanks for the mention!!!! Must admit, my idea was genius... phlemmy keyboards... yummy... when you can't beat them, join them!