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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour Hazards

So it's Earth Hour. Right this minute - as we speak, and yes, I am participating. Sure I'm writing my blog but last time I checked all you had to do for Earth Hour was turn your lights off - not your computer!

So blog I shall.

Went to Beka's bridal shower today. It was miraculous. It was good to see some people who I knew, and fun to meet the people I don't. I am currently failing to work on my paper that's due tomorrow. I have 4 pages written, but for the most part i am writing down research stuff so I guess it counts.

Feeling like my usual shitty self. Very out of breath today. It's nice though that when I get to the top of the stairs after I feed my cats (b/c they're fed in the basement), I don't need to hide my out-of-breathness and utter respiratory suckness from my parents. My dad seemed kinda baffled and shocked over it today but w/e. Nothing I can do. Oh wait, "put on oxygen". My parents seem to think that solves everything I guess.

Maybe if i put on oxygen my paper will get done. Hmm...interesting.

Anyways, back to the point of this blog - Earth Hour Hazards. Yes, they exist, and of course I experienced one for the first ever global...event. My house is in darkness ( i admit next to the tiny lamp on in the corner of my desk). We have candles lit and it's truely amazing to see every house (next to some stupid neighbours who won't part-take, one neighbour in particular whose fat ass i can see bent over in their living room as they paint their wall) on my street in total darkness. It's amazing. It truely is. Well anyways, I had to go to the bathroom, so I walked in, in total darkness, kind of afraid.

A part of me wondered if an alligator would surge up the toilet and bite me. Another part wondered if it would be a shark, and the other half thought maybe it would be a snake instead. And it was as i was contemplating which reptile/sea creature would essentially be the one responsible for my disappearance, I sat down, and fell in the toilet.

I guess when i lifted the lid, I also lifted the seat. But b/c i couldn't see that I had done that, I fell in. I sincerely hope that whoever used the toilet last flushed.

That's about it.
Hope you all took part in Earth Hour!

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