My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, January 25, 2008

They Called

They called.

About being listed.

And I missed it.


Fucking idiot...right here <--

So i sat around all day and the phone never rang...not once not ever. Even my dad didn't come home for lunch nor did he let me know about his absense prior to me making our daily sandwich. Around 2ish i got an email from my mum saying that my dad had been trying to call all day and that it went straight to voice mail. She said to go downstairs to check the phone, and I did.

I got downstairs and sure enough the phone was off the hook from when I checked for calls today. It wasn't majorly off the hook but just enough that no calls came through. It also didn't do that annoying beeping sound it tends to when it's off.

There were 3 messages.

1 from my dad saying he woulnd't be here for lunch; one was a hang up; and the third was my tx co-ordinator from the hosp saying she had my results from my evaluation.

My heart raced. My armpits started to sweat. Suddenly, i noticed I had a toothpaste stain on my shirt. With scribbly writing I wrote the hosp number down and called them. No one answered. I figured it was a friday and they prob went home early. Nonetheless I left a msg anyway saying I was home and to call back.

5 minutes later the phone rang and i grabbed for it. My heart started beating fast again but i didn't wanna seem like i was waiting around for the call.

She said everything was 'acceptable' for being listed...buuuuuuut it may be a little early. *heart sinks*. However! They will schedule an appt to come back in 2-3 months to see if I am ready to be listed then! YAY! Initially, I thought i'd have to come back 6 months to a year so i was elated to hear this!

If you think of it....2-3 months is March/April. That's not bad at all. It will give me time to finish the school year so if i DO get listed, i won't miss school! Granted, I won't be able to work full time but that's ok! Generally, I feel my shittiest in March and April so hopefully i will be ready!

In the mean time, I was informed that my respirologist will be instructed to set-up pulmonary rehab for me locally. Now i know sometimes, you need to do this kind of as a pre-req to being listed. I can handle that. I have no choice but to accept this.

So there is the news. Yes, I am slighty gutted/sad...but at the same time I knew the answer was most likely this. Hopefully in 2-3 months time...i will be listed and on my way to breathing again!

Laters my lovelies!

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