My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, September 7, 2007

My Massively Huge Exciting Day


Well lets start with another list:

1) Parking at the hosp. was FREE today! FREE I TELL YOU! Did you see that? I'm sorry i don't think you did so i shall announce it again: FREE! Parking is usually $7! REDICULOUS! Angels sang today when i made this discovery.

2) It took ONE, yes ONE, poke and the IV went in! Usually it's 3 tries and then blood return commences. But nope, we found a new vein which worked just spenldid and did its job. An hour and 15 minutes later i was freed back into the world.

3) My nebulizer was FREE. Last time I got it, it was $30. I came heavily armed with a debit card but alas the sweet man at ProResp informed me my neb was free. He whispered it with such urgency that after i protested and asked if he was sure, a small portion of me couldn't help but feel like i was stealing.

Yes people, the sky opened up and the angels looked down at me today and luck was sent in my direction via an imaginary escalator. Wow. Not only that but it was incredibly hot and windy ( i love wind storms) so it was just miraculous.

Now i shall post some pics LATER when my connection is better!

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