My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good Things Groooooow, In Ontariooooooooo!

If you don't live in Ontario and havent heard that commercial, boo to you. If you live in Ontario and have heard that commerical, I sincerely hope that you have that tune stuck in your head now - forever and ever and ever.

What is going on with moi? My RT Cynthia stopped by today to see how all my equiptment was. It's fine. I had my night class, which i left early b/c i plan on dropping it. It was honestly so boring i think at some point my skeletal and neurological self jumped out of my body and waited in the hall. My outer shell - the rest of me, sat in a chair in the back row and stared while drawing little stars on the bottom of the handout page. I have had this prof before, and while she is nice and seems like a really nice person, she is a complete and utter bore to listen to. There were a lot of people there who i didn't recognize, meaning they have not had her before and they were the ones acting like eager beavers and writing down her every word.

The rest of us sinful fucks sat there with scowls on our faces and waited for the best possible moment to get up and leave. I know that next week these eager beaver students simply won't give a shit and will have no desire to write anything down. This course is not mandatory for my major and is way too much course work to simply take for 'leisure' purposes. On that alone, i have decided to drop it b/c health wise, i won't be able to keep up - i just know it.

Other than that things are well. Tomorrow is my last day of classes for the week so that is nice! Once i drop this class i will only have 2 days worth which is enough!

Before i leave i must comment that my pic is from this past Saturday, Krystals birthday! From right to left are moi, Krystal, our new aquired friend Malorie, Katey, and Jenna! WOOT!

Goodnight, all!

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