My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, August 20, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday

...Well, not really. More like, "Just Another Incredibly Boring I'm-Sitting-Here-At-Work-Doing-Nothing" Monday. But that's ok, if i had to choose between doing nothing over being busy, i'd choose doing nothing. But that's just me, having bad lungs has made me an incredibly lazy person, and for that, i cannot appologize. Once I am better, I will have no exuse to be lazy, so I may as well make the most of it now.

This weekend was rather dull, followed by some blah and a litte 'meh'. Saturday was Tara's going away party so i guess we celebrated her departure? Krystal and I pooled together our money and got her a comfy blanket that we HOPE (are you reading this Tara, DID YOU TAKE IT!? I WANT PHOTGRAPHIC EVIDENCE!) she hauled across the Atlantic with her. Krystal and I told her that we sat our bare asses on it so that it smells just like us. Someone informed us that actualy doing this can cause the spread of pink eye, much to my shock.

Saturday I went shopping with my mum for some BIRTHDAY stuff. I won't tell you what was picked out until my birthday so at least some of us will remained shocked. I walked half the length of the mall and wasn't overly tired surprisingly. If i walk at a snails pace it is much better. But i do get out of breath walking even short distances so that's really unpleasant. After Tara's party i sat in my car as pain seared and ripped through my upper lungs from lack of O2 and just generally being in tip-crap condition. I'm really thinking i will have to bring my O2 with me everyone pretty soon. WHY DOES IT BOTHER ME SO MUCH I DO NOT KNOW! I wish i had answers, but i don't. You can't look cool and wear oxygen. The two dont' go together. You can't start wearing O2 in public and not feel self-conscious. It just doesnt work.


I don't know why i have such a frigging problem with it. I would love to get over it, since you'd think i'd have more of a problem with getting a lung transplant; what with having my chest cut open and my lungs ripped out and replaced. But nooooooooooo i have an issue with the short-term O2 dealio. Oh well. My RT Cynthia is really pushing the Bree-Wearing-Oxygen-To-The-Mall issue. NO. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Maybe in the winter when it can be consealed. Until will have to wait! It's horrible enough i'll have to trugge through campus with it.

Anywho, hopefully things will work out and I'll stop giving such a shit. I know how terrible I feel when i don't wear it. I feel tired, my chest hurts walking, and my legs feel like rubber. Blech. I JUST WANT TO FEEL NORMAL AT SOME POINT!

Normal. What is normal? Somewhere along the line, normal must have missed me...

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