My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why not wait? it's not like i have anything better to do

I'm really not looking forward to tomorrow, or next Weds to be honest. Since getting worse i'm back to going to TGH every Weds, which is fine, but it's tedious, esp. when the days are long and drawn's not like i go, do rehab with Dave, and we get the hell out and that's it, see ya next week.

Tomorrow Dave has clinic in the aft. We both have rehab at 9am, which is fine. He's nice enough to drive me and he doesn't make me pay for gas (tho i bring Tim's!..not much but it goes a long way!), so i'm not complaining that it will be long. I can read my book.

What makes it worse is that next Weds I have a CT scan, and the only available time is 2:30 in the afternoon. I'm not thrilled and i really want to get it bumped up to an earlier time so Dave doesnt have to sit around and wait - i feel bad making him wait! So the ppl at the CT place told me to call around 9 am every day and try to get a cancellation, which i will do. It's one thing if i have to wait, but i hate making other ppl wait - for me. You know??

So yea, needless to say i'm not looking forward to either day just b/c of their sheer length. Hopefully i will get my call between now and next Weds and the CT scan won't be a massive issue. Blah. Tomorrwo i also see O'Intern. We will see what kind of mood i am in. The current moment's mood can be characterized as 'blah'. is warming up! It's gonna be in the mid 20's all week and we - pardon me, mum and dad - got out all the patio stuff yesterday! YAY. I have been reading and loving my Annette Vallon book, and i'm 3/4 of the way done. Woo hoo.

Other than that, that's it.

Over and out, comrads.

Oh yes, what would today's post be without a historical antedote: 473 years ago today, Queen Anne Boleyn was executed b/c of that obese monster King Henry VIII.


Alice said...

I heard the Queen Ann fact on the radio this morning and though of you!!!! It's now officially colder here than there by you. Ave day temp about 18. I miss summer already.

Amy said...

RIP Queen Anne Boleyn..> How fitting, the day she died I cough up blood LOL