My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, January 3, 2009

You're a Beast, Mr. Hurricane!

2009 is here and I can proudly claim that I have succeeded in getting Krystal addicted to "Mr. Hurricane" by Beast. I added it to my play list and if you havent heard it yet, listen to it.

Silly me, heard it on the radio and assumed it was an old song, so i kept my mouth shut and didn't tell everyone about my amazing discovery, but alas, it's a new song and I'm spreading the word on it's wonderfulness (i'm sure i'll be sick of it next week). To use my papa's favourite word, "marvelous!"

New Years was great! It was a low key night with the girlies at Jenna's humble abode. As always, I was the first one to arrive ( i try so hard to be late and i always fail. i'm always the first to arrive). Jenna and I waited for Krystal and Katey to show up for so long that we just started drinking without them. I don't lie when I say Jenna made me a fabulous Pena Colada with her Magic Bullet. And another discovery on my part, a Magic Bullet isn't a dildo but rather it's an actual blender! Who knew!

So yeah, I only had one drink and then we all spent the night. And yes I brought and used my O2. I didn't sleep well at all but hey, at least i wasn't horribly hungover either. That's all part of New Years, having fun no matter what and not sleeping. I can't complain it was great all the way around!

New Years day saw us at Nana and Papa's place. Snore. No offense to Nana and Papa, I love them both, but I was so tired and wasn't in the mood to socialize. My papa bought a brand new Panasonic 50 inch flat screen TV and he's so proud of it that you'd think he had given birth to it. So we gathered around it and watched Hockey, then some show on Greece, then some racing thing, and by that time I was so bored i started flipping through a book i found called "The Heritage of Canada." I told my papa I like that kinda stuff, and he said I could bring it home but I told him if that happened he would never get it back. He then forbid me from removing it from his house.

Finally we left and I've pretty much been doing nothing since. Yesterday was disgusting. I wore jammies all day and felt like i had been in a hole I felt so gross. Today I'm supposed to go to do something avec Jenna so we'll see.

I start rehab again this week. I don't care either way. I don't miss it but I don't hate it. I guess i'm just so accustomed to being lazy that I just don't care. I could probably allow my body to melt into a pile of goo and somehow be content with the way things panned out for me. I think regardless it will be good to get back to rehab so i can stop sitting on my fat ass dwelling over the stomach roll that's taken up residence at the front of my abdomen.

Lungs are the same as always. Crappy, very out of breath, very productive and gross. What else is new. Infection brewing? Perhaps, but knowing me I'll leave it until the last minute.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe New Year!


Amy said...

Magic bullet...I instantly thought vibrator too haha!!! Ya learn something new everyday!!!!!


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