My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Change of colour

...and background.

You likey, or no likey?

I admit it is a drastic change. But the background is very 'springish' to me, like the season, not a box spring if that's what you were thinking. Like the leaves and the green and ... everything.

Let me know what you think. Better than before? Brighter than before?? It will mean I am limited in my posting colours (through my own choice, we'll see how long that lasts for).

So yes, yay or nay?


After admittedly staring at my blog for 2 hours and listening to my playlist (yes, i'm that narcissistic) i can wholeheartedly announce that i FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!! WOO HOO!


Cindy said...

As much as I would prefer a box spring background, I do like this!

Disaster said...

I like it a lot Bree!
I've been loving that colour of green lately.
Eee, now I want to give my site a makeover.

BreathinSteven said...

Hey Bree!!!

I'm with them... Beyond the fact that I like green too -- you know, it's that organ donation color thing -- but the leaves and whatnot lend a touch of elegance as well!



p.s. Thanks for referencing our Revive Hope blog on your site too... That means a lot to me. xoxox

Amy said...

Love it especially since you found the link to change it through me :D

I agree it is springy!!!


Gizela said...

Hallo Bree,
I love your new look! Looks very pretty!
Still praying and hoping that you will receive your new lungs soon.
May you have a very springy day!
Love Gizela

Irma said...

i absolutely love it bree!
(coming from someone who designs websites every day!)

very easy on the eye! keep up this stunning blog! i visit everyday :)

love, all the way from south africa

Alice said...

Love it so much that I stole the idea, lol! Thanx deary! It looks awesome!

Marjolein said...

YAY! :-)

Love it! I have to admit I saw it at Amy's blog too and am trying to find out how to put it at my blog too..

I will change my English blog too and begin that again, finally!

Don said...

The new background makes it easier on my aging eyes to read the posts..