My Double Lung Transplant

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is how we do it

Today was TGH's rehab Christmas party. It was great and there were lots and lots of people there - doctors, surgeons physio people,pre-tx, post-tx - and they were all in their festive sweaters, or wearing red, generally being merry and spreading Christmas cheer.

I had the opportunity to meet some great people, and the following short story is of what could have been a spectacular moment, and I had to be weird about it. This is how i ruined it:

We were getting ready to leave, and I made my way up to the food table like a sneak thief. I was picking, spreading, and eating like a foraging monkey, when Merv came up and wanted to introduce me to some people. I looked around and grabbed a block of shortbread, and awkwardly made my way to the group of very tall people. They all seemed really eager to talk to me, which was nice, but unfortunately my ride was holding the door open, waiting for me...

Merv: Your name is...?
Me: Bree.
Merv: Bree, these people work with Trillium Gift of Life. They are the ones who are out there right now looking for lungs for you, and they are the ones who call you when those lungs are found.
Me: Oh yeah? Cool *thumbs up* You guys do a great job!

*silence* look great...
Me: *silence* Um....I have to go now...

I promptly left with my wall of shortbread, waved goodbye b/c a hand action felt appropriate, and generally made the situation a lot more awkward than was strictly necessary.

This ruined moment has been brought to you by me.

Before all of this happened, I spent some of the party time (since i had to be at rehab for 10:30 and the party started at 10 and went till 1pm) chatting with people, and generally distancing myself from any opportunity to do something weird or make people feel uncomfortable like the example above. For the most part, I sat on a chair and people watched, and that was all.

That's about it really. I may update more later when my brain begins to re-function.

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Alice said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... hate it when that happens... esp at work... cos you see those people every day!