My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, December 27, 2008

No willpower= FAIL

I offically hate myself.

I officially have no willpower, no conscious when it comes to stopping myself from resisting the relentless impulse that seeps through my horrible soul and sends me straight to Chapters.

Yup. Yet again (though unintentionally) I found myself at Chapters today. I accidentally clicked on a link for a movie promo called The Duchess lastnight. And i looked through the website and saw a link that lead the an author by the name of Amanda Foreman who wrote the book. So there I went. And there I got sucked in to not one but two more potential books.

Somehow I found myself at Chapters today. And somehow - by some damn horrible supernatural act - they had both books. And I got them both knowing full well that I don't need them at all. My rationale for myself was that I'd read the one and would most likely want to know the real story, so I may as well get the autobiography too.


$43 that should have be saved later, and I offically FAILED.

Though I felt my handicapped parking today was greatly justified since I feel terrible today. And i have no make up on, huge sweatpants, and generally look like I crawled out of a well or massive house fire. And of course when i was waiting in the line of 4000 people I saw someone I went to high school with. And of course I ignored them, as they ignored me, though I'm pretty sure we both knew the other was there. That's the way it works. You get in and you get the hell out, and you don't stop and take the time to acknowlege humanity.

Gah. I stress however that I am beginning to learn my lesson. Buyers remorse, eh? I am staying the hell away. I am hiding my Chapters gift card and never driving by the mall again. I have 16 brand new books that must be read.

Yes you read that right. 16. Jenna has officially banned me from ever entering a bookstore again.

3 strikes and I am officially out.

3 strikes and I officially FAIL.

In other news, I have been listed for 8 months today. 8 months! WOW. Oh well. At least I have 16 books to keep me occupied, and horrible lungs to prevent me from ever stepping foot inside a public bookstore again.

I hope that's enough.

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Amy said...

I failed too!!!! I went to return/exchange the one book I got yesterday since I bought 2 of them (opps dam covers were the same) and yeah I walked out with 2 more. And since they didn't have the 2 I REALLY wanted I tried a bigger bookstore and they didn't have them either but they had 2 that I wanted to read so I bought 2 more. So now I have 6 new books waiting to be read with a list of 7 more you gave me :) And still don't have the 3 that the library doesn't have :)

We are both banned from bookstores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!