My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, December 1, 2008


Hear ye, hear ye, yes it's true, I AM OFFICIALLY DISABLED.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't exactly something that i'm proud of, and you won't see me strolling around in a wheelchair for shits and giggles any time soon, but it is true, i went through and handed in my little sheet declaring that I qualify for a handicapped spot, and i was rewarded with the little permit, with that tiny blue person sitting happily in wheelchair in the right hand corner.

So i went to the Ministry of Transport, and it was awkward, b/c clearly I don't look disabled (at least I hope not). The box that my doctor checked off on the sheet states that I am an individual "with a lung disease to such an extent that total forced vital capacity in one second is less than that of 1 litre". So i stood there, and I made a point of coughing a lot, and breathing heavily, even though I wasn't out of breath, just to demonstrate you know, that I am infact, in need of a lung transplant and can't walk too far, and am essentially disabled.

So when all was said and done, I got my pass and was free to go. I was so thrilled with myself that the only thing prevently me from skipping merrily down the street was my lung disease. I then picked up my meds and all was right in the world.

That's about it really. There isn't much to say or post. I hope you're all well. Happy December 1st, yo!


Kira said...

I remember the day I did that and the day I became disabled in the eyes of everyone as I was gettign disability pension. It sucked at first but once I found out how much it helped I got over it.

Don said...

Hey, after the transplant do we have to return the passes right away or can we continue to make good use out of those parking stalls in front of walmart?

J/K I can't wait to give our pass back... hahahaha