My Double Lung Transplant

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PFTs and Appt

No special title. No special specialness today.

Had PFTs this morning. They were shitty as expected, with my best one being the one where i coughed into the machine and showed my lung function maxing out at 31%. So i feel shitty but there hasn't been much drop, but it also shows that the meds i'm taking are doing dick-all. Hmmm...

After that had a meeting with the surgeon about the results of my scope. Things were found as they expected to be. I guess there isn't much muscle contraction in my lower esophagus (which is involuntary) but there isn't much they can do about it to fix it. If they were to try to fix it, it could cause my reflux to get worse, so they're going to leave everything as is and hope for the best. If i havent had any problems with it to date, there's no real reason to anticipate probs in the future. I'll count my lucky stars and hope i stay out of that sick boat. I'm already scattered in many - most of which are sinking.

They found something in my lower esophagus called Candida...or Canada as I heard the surgeon say. Candida/Canada is a fungal infection (yummy) somewhat like Thrush, but b/c i have that immune system problem I am more prone to it, so I am going to start a 14 day anitbiotic/antifungal to take care of it and all should be well. He said this sort of fungal infection (in my head it looks like that gross?) may cause me to feel like I have reflux when I actually don't, so who knows???

The surgeon looked at me in a way before i left and said, "hopefully soon!" in regards to transplant. He said he's seen my name come up on the list a couple of times (which is great!) but my problem is that i'm just 'short'. He said all the people who have been dying lately are big people, so you know what this means: short people, start your dying! (i mean that in the nicest possible way, but im also kidding!).

So hopefully, possibly...soonish?? PLEAAAAAAAAASEEEEEEE!

Also, I'm extending my congratulations to Rosie who has finally breached the 100% mark with her PFTs and she blew them away with a reading of 102%! WAY TO GO!!


Jennifer said...

You're getting candida overgrowth because of all the antibiotics you are on.

if you are up to trying something homeopathic ... try

mycocan drops. Google it. :)

Tara said...

Barnacles! hahaha! I love it. Although I think it's more like white moss. hehehehe Hang in there Bree. I'm thinking about you everyday!

Gizela said...

Hoping for the best every day and praying that it will be soon!
Greetings from SA

It's Her said...

Wayhey, hopefully very soon. Random, but I have a scanty growth of Candida in my lungs. I don't know how it got there :P Rosiexx