My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dive-bombing dead fish

Ok, we have 2 fishtanks. One is our normal fish, the other is the tank containing the fish we just brought in from outside from our pond. There were 21 of them but as we expected, some have died. So i was in the living room gawking at the tank (contemplating cleaning it since it gets so filthy) and i see one of the fish floating around - but not at the top.

I couldn't tell if it was dead though. Its eyes weren't moving and it wasn't swimming, but every couple of seconds its mouth would open like it was breathing. I don't know exactly if this is a result of the current from the filters opening and closing the mouth or what, but i decided to observe for a little while longer. The poor other unsuspecting fish are being dive-bombed by this guy, so much to the point that when he floated up behind an unsuspecting fish i yelled, "WATCH OUT!!" So i instead went to get the fish net thing to bring it to the surface.

So i get it to the surface after wrangling it from getting stuck in a plant, and its mouth opens, i figured it's from the water so i leave the fish towards the surface for a while to watch. Nothing happens. I move in a little closer. Nothing. So i stare, to make sure it really WAS the water moving its mouth and not the fish breathing (didn't want to flush the bugger if it wasn't dead). So i'm gawking, all instense, and really close, when out of nowhere, ITS MOUTH OPENED AND ITS HEAD MOVED AND I SCREAMED LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER and pretty much dropped the fucken thing on the hardwood.

I screamed like a banshee and leapt back, instantly getting extremely out of breath, feeling my hammertrip heartbeat bang, bang bang away in the cave of my chest. It was the most disgusting, scariest thing I think i have ever faced in my house. I slammed the lid of the tank shut (lest the bugger jump out of the tank next) and left if to itself. I will just have to wait till other people come home so they can judge for themselves as to whether or not this fish is truely dead. Or dying.

So that's been my drama for the day. Oh yeah what else I went to do my driving test again (graduated liscence) and failed - fuck - b/c of some minor bullshit. GAAAAAAAAAH. It's not that i can't drive b/c I can, and it's not that i'm a bad driver b/c i'm not, I'm actually very good and have never gotten a ticket, have never hit anything or been in an accident. It was things like checking blind spots and going too slow or a little too fast - essentially bullshit since everyone does it anyways. Whatever. So i have to reschedule another one and get someone to fork out $75 for this bloody test. I'm not horribly upset to be honest. It just means i need to schedule a lesson to fix this issue of non-blindspot checkingness.


On the health front, I am not doing to well, and I told the ppl at TGH yesterday. After i was on the bike for 13 minutes - dying - I took my sats and h/r and was astonished to see it was 89%/130 bpm. Astounding, eh? I promptly and happily got off the bike (since i hate it anyways) and informed the physio/intern person that i wasn't feeling well, which is true. The last couple of days i have been horrendously out of breath, that it's quite rediculous. I can't even get out of my car and walk into the house w/o getting massively out of breath. The other night when i rolled over i almost had to sit up to catch my breath. Walking little paces around the main floor of the house does it too. I washed the dishes other day and my dad informed me I was panting.

I am falling apart. I need lungs. LUNGS I SAY! *shakes fist*

So needless to say the ppl at physio were concerned, and it scored me an appt at Clinic next weds so we'll see how that goes. Also, I have my PFTs and meeting with the surgeon for the results of that scope I had done 2 weeks ago on Tues.

So here's to good luck and that I get a call soon, eh!


Alice said...

Praying as always that you get them ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

OMG I am pissing myself at work here because of the "dead" fish!!!!

Please write a book!!! The world needs much more comedy in life!!!!