My Double Lung Transplant

Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Boys

When i go to TGH, there are 8 people from my city/area, and we all go to the local pulmonary rehab place. Of us 8, 4 have had transplants this year. Since June, my boys Bob, Don, and most recently Ray have been transplanted. We are all anxiously awaiting my time to come!

The other day I was waiting in the caf at the hosp when I saw Ray - a mere 2 weeks post tx - sitting at his fav place eating Subway, as he always does. I havent seen him in a while since his tx, so I ran up to him, bent over slightly and gave him a hug.

"BREEEEEEE!" he said when he saw me. He lifted his arms to recieve my hug, when my bulky 30lbs purse swung around from my back and thumped him a good one in his chest.

Ray grabbed his chest and said painfully, "MY STAPLES!!!!!!!!"

My eyes went huge with terror and shame. I grabbed my head in my hands and shrieked, "OH MY GOD! I KILLED RAY!"

Ray laughed and assured me that I didn't kill him, and that it didn't hurt, but that he still did have his staples in his chest from his transplant. And holy crap, did I feel bad. To think i unintentionally hurt poor little English Ray was horrible. But i hope he's fine.

Don is doing great. He looks wonderful and is all pink and peachy and the epitome of health. Bob is doing good, tho when i saw him Weds he was limping.

"Did you fall getting off the subway again, Bob?"
"Nope. No. I woke up with a charley horse."

Which is good, b/c the last time i saw him, he took a spill getting off the subway. Though he did assure me that he 'protected [his] sternum' when he went down.

Other than that things have been boring. It's humid and feels much like a jungle these last two days that i feel pretty shitty. It was so foggy last night that driving home i felt like i had glaucoma. Yesterday I sat on the couch in the same spot from 8am-4pm. No lie. I champed it up and read all day like a trooper. I did have rehab, but i got diverted by driving my dad to work (which was great, b/c i didn't want to go to rehab anyway) so when i came back from dropping him off (since he kindly gives me the car and rides his bike to work b/c he's awesome), mum was leaving for work which left me all alone. Which meant i had no one to see me off...which meant that I didn't have to go. So i didn't.

Lastnight was a gorge fest. I met with the girlies for a Tudors night. Before that I had supper at Jenna's house, and we went to Chantel's to watch season 1 with Krystal. We ate like pigs. We ate so much that i'm shocked that I didn't somehow slip into a diabetic coma over night. We ate lime flavoured nachos, popcorn, ice cream sandwiches, i had a Crispie Crunch bar, Jenna had 3 chocolate bars, we had Pepsi, and we topped it all off with lemon jello (which we lamented would be horrible to throw up.) It dawned on me that the lemon jello looked like lard, but Chantel concluded it looked like mucus which pretty much put an end to our food hording for the night.

And that is all.


Alice said...

Yay!!! thanx!!!

Tara said...

With true Bree style, you have cracked me up today. And you've also given me one more reason not to eat jello.

BreathinSteven said...

Lemon Jello ain't that horrible to throw up... Well - it wasn't exactly lemon - it was orange - but it can't be that much different...

It was 3 days after I got my beautiful, new lungs - Laura and my whole family decided that I was doing dandy and they all slipped down to the cafeteria for coffee and a snack while I watched TV. But the orange jello on my bed stand was playing it's siren song. Orange jello was the first thing I at, probably 3 hours after being taken off the vent and possibly before I had "permission"... It was the best thing I'd ever tasted in my whole entire life.

While everyone was gone, I grabbed the jello and ate it down... Post transplant we're supposed to huff and cough and do our incentive spirometer regularly - I did so, and maybe got into a little more cough than I wanted and up came the orange jello - I just kinda ralphed it down my front and into my lap. I still had several tubes and whatnot coming out of my chest, neck, arms and peepee and couldn't reach the nurse call button - so I just sat there in my vomit until someone walked by.

By the time my family came back someone was cleaning me up and we were laughing...

The next afternoon a nurse came in to give me a little sponge bath. She wanted to know about the anticeptic / iodine in my belly button, which puzzled the hell out of me - until I realized what it was and told her it was orange jello - which puzzled the hell out of her.

So, all in all, I'm guessing that lemon jello ain't that horrible to throw up. However, I'm guessing that you actually meant when it's blended with lime nachos, popcorn, ice cream sandwiches, crispy bars and Pepsi. That might qualify as horrible...

I hope you join your "boys" soon, Bree - I hope you get your beautiful, new lungs soon... I can't wait until you have energy that you don't know what to do with...



p.s. Tell Chantel that for us CFers the whole mucus thing is more like butterscotch pudding than lemon jello...