My Double Lung Transplant

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Post-birthday feelings

I'm officially, officially 23.

And i'm still officially, offically....awesome.

The birthday was amazing. I made a special concoction of mac and cheese for lunch. When i make mac and cheese I don't like to share with people, so I only ever make enough for myself, while using all the cheese in the provided packet and all the required butter and milk b/c i like it runny. But since it was a special day, I took Jenna's route and added a little extra cheddar cheese. I knew immediately upon dropping in the cheese to my mac and i'd regret it - that i'd feel sick and disgusting but nothing could stop me, b/c afterall, it was my birthday.

My sister made a face, saying it looked disgusting and noted that given the current state of my stomach (which is still, for lack of a better word, shitty) she said i'd really regret it later. Kind of like doing a massive shot of tequila where it feels like a good idea at the time, and you instantly regret it. These are the feelings i had when i made my special mac and cheese, as i sat on the couch like a lump with my pop and watched Jaws the Revenge.

It was completely disgusting.

And completely amazing.

To make the day more special it was blazingly hot and humid - well over 30 - and we went to a lakeside restaurant and ate outside at the water! All the marvelous and i got a lot of nice things that I am eternally grateful for! So far, 23 is pretty awesome!

As for the stomach, things have not improved so i went to the doc today and have to give stool samples *yay!*. B/c we all know how fun and dignifying those can be. Having previous pleasures of venturing into this neck of illness, i've done this before, when I had the Adeno Virus 2 summers ago (a cousin of Norwalk that lasts for 3 weeks). So my mission this weekend or sometime before friday is to collect shit. That's all. My doc thinks it could be a parasite or C. Diff which can be aquired from being on antibiotics for so long.


I venture off to TO tomorrow for some Upper GI test thingy. Not thrilled about it. Am getting sick of going to TO so damned much. I think i'm bussing it too, and I'm not doing physio bc i never told them i was coming and to be honest, i can't be bothered staying at the hosp longer than i have to.

So there *hmph*.

I think that's it for now. I had to prime the front door since we're finally painting it. Needless to say my priming job fucking sucks and it looks godawful, but thankfully it's only primer and nothing over important.

I expect mass amounts of praise when ppl come home.

I will write tomorrow to say how my Upper GI test goes....and tomorrow makes it 4 months that i've been listed.


Matt Todd said...

Oh my, I must be feeling better because i think I'm about to bitch about your use of that damn Celsius temp. Wheres the real temp for us lazy Americans who don't want to do the conversion.

Gizela said...

hehehe...for once i'm so happy that somebody used celcius, because i can never do the conversion...hehehe...
Hope that all you tests go well, Bree.
Greetings from SA

Alice said...

yay for celcius!!!!!!!! Shut-up and stop being lazy Matt... since you're recovering from transplant you've got plenty of time to convert it... Glad your loving being 23 Bree!!!! I've only got 1.5 days left of it...