My Double Lung Transplant

Friday, May 2, 2008

Pulmonary Rehab = Finished...for now

So yeah, pulmonary rehab has come to an end for now. I admit I'm sad; i really love the people I have met these last 5 weeks (can you beleive i've been going for 5 weeks?!), and I can honestly say that I regret claiming earlier on that I was the only non-member of the "Wrinkle Society" b/c these people aren't wrinkly; they're my friends. Though I'm easily 20 years younger than the 'youngest' old person of the group, we've formed bonds that truely make me consider these people among my true friends.

Today when Shirley finished her workout (she's in her late 50's and has pulmonary fibrosis) she wished me luck and said she'll miss me. I told her I would miss her too and jokingly asked who would help dress her after they go swimming on Monday? Shirley always has trouble doing her bra up after we go swimming (from being wet) so i always have to do it up for her; and yeah even tho it's kinda weird, it's funny. Joy gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and i gave her my email and she said'd write to say how things are. Regardless, i go back to this rehab place in June once my thrice weekly physio days at TGH are done and I only have to go there once a week and can transfer 2 days back to this place. I am also going to go to the Farewell party in two weeks. Everyone wished me luck as I went and I met one last time with the social worker (everyone has to) and she said i'd make a great social worker myself one day which I thought was nice. She told me she was proud that I advocated for myself and got listed, and I said I knew all along that I was ready to be listed for this tx despite all the docs saying it was ' a little early', b/c low and behold, the surgeon himself told me i was doing it at the perfect time!

My week has been busy. Not only have I had rehab in another city everyday, I've also had appts in my own city and other cities as well. I went to TGH on Tues; yesterday I had a dentist appt in my city at 9, and an appt with my immunologist at 11am in the same city as i go to rehab in, and then i had to zip over to rehab for 1 o'clock. My immunologist told me he felt bad that he doesn't do more for me but I told him it's ok; he prescribes my IV meds to me and that's doing plenty! I told him i'd get the docs at TGH to send him medical updates so he can feel more useful if that offers anything.

Today I had to go for Gamma at 9 am (which turned into me arriving at 10:30am b/c i'm lazy) and the clinic was freezing and empty. I was the only one. I lucked in today and only had 1 poke - yay! The whole appt consisted of me listening to screaming down the hall as Arlene administered RSV shots to children. I always knew when she was 'working' b/c screaming would start up. She said she's popular with the kids. All the nurses were happy to hear that I was listed and when I left I got hugs in case I get the call from now until my next appt. I told them not to worry and that they'd be one of the first people I instruct my family to call when my call comes.

That's really about it for now...and for today. If i remember more (usually when i post this) i'll update.

Day 3 of being listed!


Jennifer said...

When I was a kid, I haaated my CF nurse, because the only time I really saw her was for my flu shots. She'd come into the exam room and ask if I'd gotten it yet, so I always only thought of her as "the shot lady".

Lynn said...

lol....just came across your blog I am a wrinkly to and waiting for a double lung tx. Just wanted to wish you good luck and hope you don't mind if I pop in sometimes?
Take care