My Double Lung Transplant

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tomorrow's the day...

Welp, tomorrow is the day that i embark on my trek to Toronto and sign the consent form officially stating that i'm 'listed' - whatever that means. I know that it means, i'm not a blatent idiot, but it's like some underground transplant lingo that when you hear the words your ears perk up and you know what it means.

So yeah, that's exciting. My new portable liquid O2 was dropped off at rehab today, when i was failing to perform jumping jacks in the pool (they looked more like hopping with the odd arm flap). After rehab me and another special person had a meeting with a guy who's post tx and it was great. His lung function is 130% and he's doing a 40mile bike ride this coming weekend. Insipiring doesn't describe it - he literally has no boundaries. I cannot wait until i'm not a lazy peice of shit anymore. Exciting.

Today it seems like most people i've come into contact with had their lunch with a little extra side of asshole. Everyone seems to be in bad, uncaring moods, or they just generally lack to you bastards - cheer up.

Um what else? Well i found out what that traffic jam that was backed up to all hell was on Friday: it was an accident, go figure, not a nuclear meltdown like my spidey-senses had told me. I need to find a new route home b/c apparently accidents happen a lot on this road.

That's about it. I think my sarcasm is ready for bed.


Rambler said...

I stumbled across your blog ages ago and have been checking in every few days since. Anyway I just wanted to say I'm sure your not a lazy peice of shit. I cannot imagine how difficult it is for you to go to college and do all the normal day to day stuff when you can hardly breathe. Reading your blog always makes me take a step back and think about what a wimp I am and how I do take stuff for granted. I love the way you write as well - the kind of dry/sarcastic approach. I'm hopeless at writing but you have a gift I think. Take care. Louise

PS good luck for tomorrow

Matt Todd said...

I'll bet meeting the post TX guy was sure inspiring. I always find hearing from people like that to be rather uplifting. Gives myself a reason to keep fighting and not give up and to work harder to get that transplant. That hope of being able to do "normal" things after transplant is a really powerful thing.

Alice said...

Hey Bree!!! Rambler is right, you're definitely NOT lazy!!! Even your rehab sounds TOUGH!!!! That guy you met sure sounds inspiring!! Wow, I'm also aiming for 130%, lol!
p.s. You've got to see The other Boleyn Girl movie!!!