My Double Lung Transplant

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Britney's err..........not so comeback

Holy granola did anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards opening? Well i am watching it now (it is almost half past 9pm est) and the 'comeback' was a little less than hyped up as the media made it out to be. I was let down! I like Brit as a performer - if anyone can perform their ass (or bare vagina) off, it's her. But this performance was kind of like, " i just don't give a shit" and she kind of mumbled, looked confused, and quite clearly lip-synced her way through the set.

The set, on the other hand, was good and sparkley. Performance? A little shoddy. Man when i was a kid this award show was worth staying up for! Now, it's all crap! Oh well......

What else? I cannot see any pictures I have posted on this blog, let alone post them. For some reason posting pics is not working either. Annoying, confusing, frustrating, strangle-worthy to say the least. I hope it sorts itself out! I wanna post pics of stuff damnitt!

That's all for now i'm afraid. I have my appt with my respirologist tomorrow and will update as soon as i get home - or when i feel it - which ever i feel is the best option. This is all for now, unless something bizzare and scandalous happens on the MTV Awards and i'll be back as soon as i can!

Happy birthday dad and Jenna!

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